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In the Computing Department at City Academy, students are taught to master computational thinking skills, using a wide variety of different programmes and algorithmic methods. These computational skills are the base of everything they need to know and apply to any topic within computing.

The very essence of computing is where pupils are taught about the principles of information and technology, they are explicitly taught the vocabulary and digital literacy to ensure a sense of mastery, which underpins their learning of programming.

The ability to be able to programme and adapt to different technology through their exposure to a multitude of different digital literacy will equip students well for any scenario in the future and ensure they can adapt to an ever-changing digital world.

Students should leave City Academy as well-rounded individuals within the field of computational thinking, this will allow them to apply logic to different scenarios of life, technical or not. They will have digital literacy as a key point of understanding which will allow them to adapt and use any software system that is available to them. Finally, they will essentially have an additional language under their belts in terms of programming. This language is python and is widely used across the globe.

Our Teachers

  • C Hughes – Head of Business and Computing

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

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