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“I know a lot of you are probably really nervous to come to our school but trust me, once you settle in you will have a great time. People are very welcoming and I’m sure you’ll make loads of new friends. I also know some of you are the only one from your school which is making your nerves even worse, but it’s okay because when I came I was the only one from my school and now I have many friends. I hope me and the other members of the transition team writing to you has maybe made you a bit less nervous.”

“There is nothing to worry about when moving to secondary school. I understand that you may be worried and have mixed feelings, but let me personally tell you that it is going to be okay. You can keep in touch with your primary school friends. You also have the opportunity to make new friends!

“The teachers will support you in any way they can and you can go to them for guidance and advice. They are very friendly and approachable. There are many extra-curricular activities and clubs after school, so don’t forget to try them out. The school has many different subjects/lessons such as design technology and computer science and the subjects that you already know in primary school. You may even have the opportunity to learn French or Spanish! We also have a small quiet library, with a fantastic choice of books! Rest assured we are looking forward to welcoming you!”

“I understand that you might be afraid right now, so was I when I had to go into Year 7. At first, it will be a bit scary and you will not know where to go but after a couple of days, it will get easier. This is your first leap into independence, make sure to celebrate and not worry about it! All the students and teachers here are always willing to help if you ever need some so never be afraid to ask. I really hope that you love it here just as much as I do!”