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Homework enhances students learning, improves achievement and develops study skills
and is an integral part of the learning process.

An assigned task by teachers, homework is to be completed outside of class/Academy time: these tasks have been carefully planned and integrated into all curriculum areas.

Students should have homework that is set regularly, and is meaningful and appropriate to their age and stage.

Homework is set in order to:

  • Develop essential transferable skills for life
  • Enhance, deepen and foster a scholarly love of learning in the subjects studied
  • Assist in the process of formative assessment to help teachers in adapting planning accordingly
  • Foster a learning community, where teachers, parents/ carers and students work as partners in the educational journey of students

You will have a list of preparation tasks in your planner, for each subject over the course of a term. Your subject teachers will set you a preparation task and tell you when the deadline is – it is important that you write this down so you don’t forget.

Homework Resources