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The Science Department at City Academy aims to deliver a rich scientific education that is firmly rooted in scientific knowledge and understanding of complex concepts.

We want to enthuse students as to the contribution science has on their own lives and the world around them by putting ‘Scientific Enquiry’ at the core of City Academy’s science education.

In the Science Department, we place scientific literacy, language and ideas that are used within scientific communication, at the forefront of our planning and lesson delivery, so that students are able to communicate scientific concepts and principles confidently and accurately.

We aim to ensure that students appreciate the provisional nature of scientific understanding and explanation and to appreciate how science is always developing in a cyclic yet progressive manner.

Teachers in the Science Department are passionate about their subject, who strongly believe in the achievement of all students in mastering challenging concepts that are meaningful to the increasingly international world they are a part of.

Lessons in Science at City Academy will always focus on the long-term improvement of a student’s:

  • knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas and concepts, or
  • knowledge of scientific methods.
  • in addition, lessons will also always have:
  • a ‘Do Now Activity’ that questions students over the range of the secondary science curriculum.
  • use of cold-call questions throughout for both engagement and regular assessment opportunities.
  • literacy development that broadens students’ academic communication in both tier 3 and tier 2 vocabulary.
  • relevance to a student’s individual or worldly development.

We want all City Academy students to leave with a love of the world around them and a passion for questioning the world they live in. All students should be able to articulate concepts using scientific language and be able to critique, question and challenge the decisions being taken affecting international communities. We aspire for all students to be sufficiently inspired and academically ready to use and take their City Academy Science education for further study.

Our Teachers

  • A Payne – Head of Science
  • C Ashton – Assistant Head of Science (KS3)
  • C Browne – Assistant Head of Science (KS4)
  • B Khayat – Teacher of Science
  • N Nazar – Teacher of Science
  • A Stark – Teacher of Science
  • A Yeomans – Teacher of Science

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Exam Specification