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The Textiles Department at City Academy is committed to delivering a varied and inclusive curriculum. We provide a wide range of opportunities for students to create, experiment and develop skills for life, so students, mature into confident young adults, who can take risks, solve problems and innovate.

Students work independently and in teams to research: analyse, design, test, and create in a safe environment in the constant pursuit of excellence in their subject areas.

Students will develop an awareness of social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities, whilst balancing this with the needs and wants of consumers and an ever-changing world.

There is a strong emphasis placed on the importance of design technology in providing solutions for the betterment of humanity in the 21st century and we want our students to have the knowledge to be a part of this conversation and to create a better tomorrow.

Our aim in Textiles is to develop flexible learners who are innovative and resilient, capable of applying the knowledge, skills and practical competencies learnt in school to the world of work, training, and further education. We aim for our learners to become self-motivated and confident learners who can work independently and as part of a team, who are problem solvers and not afraid of risk taking.

Our Teachers

  • P Mills – Head of Design & Technology

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Exam Specification