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To ensure effective delivery of the Curriculum and that students are ‘learning more and remembering more’, Cumulative Tests (CTs) for KS3 take place twice a year at City Academy. We work in close collaboration with our partner schools across the Trust to ensure there is a consist and rigorous checking of the learning taking place through these assessments. In the core subjects of English, maths, and science these tests will take the form of online GL assessments. All assessments are one hour in length.  

Students will be provided with a list of topics and content to revise, these will also be posted on the website. It is important that your child spends time revising and preparing for these assessments and to do this they should be spending at least 1 hour per night revising.

On the day of assessments, your child should ensure they come to school properly equipped and this includes the relevant exercise books and textbooks for the subjects being assessed.

Should you have any questions regarding the assessment process please contact the school and speak to your child’s Head of Year.