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Within the Physical Education Faculty at City Academy our aim is for students to adopt a positive attitude to healthy, active living, motivating them to fulfil their sporting potential, by exposing them to a variety of opportunities and learning experiences to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

The Physical Education Faculty’s curriculum is built upon well-structured content that underpins and reinforces knowledge and skills in a positive learning environment that gives students confidence and establishes success.

We foster a love of physical activity by promoting a multitude of different sports in an inclusive environment, where everyone can contribute to success. We want all of students to strive towards the constant pursuit of excellence which will enable them to take on different roles within lessons such as performer, coach, official and referee.

When students leave City Academy, we want them to leave with an appreciation of the world of sport and understand the importance of regular physical activity, and a desire to maintain lifelong participation within sport as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Teachers

  • W McAllister – Head of Physical Education
  • K McAllister – Head of Vocational Studies
  • P Coleby – Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Physical Education
  • L Miles – Transitions Lead and Teacher of Physical Education
  • L Wilkins – Head of Year and Teacher of Physical Education

Key Stage 3

Exam Specification