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The Drama Department at City Academy aims to help our students develop an ability to communicate, whether it be on the page, on their feet, verbally or physically.

The Drama team are committed to creating an active learning environment, which fosters rich and meaningful work. The Drama Department is a vibrant and energetic space, which develops a creative and disciplined approach to the study Drama through a combination of practical and written activities designed to ensure our students are problem solvers and independent learners, who exhibit resilience, self-control, organisation, presentation skills and collaborative skills at all times.

The aim of the Drama Department is to stimulate the imagination of our students, to motivate them to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to encourage self-confidence and clarity in line with their life goals.

The Drama Department is committed to exploring and teaching long standing theories and practices, while remaining equally committed to innovation. In Drama, students explore cultural, historical, political, and social events that have influenced the way we see the world. In both key stages there is a constant dialogue between teacher and student, through verbal, written (formative and summative) feedback/assessment, which enables a clear view of progression. In particular, the KS4 curriculum is a wide and varied curriculum, allowing students to pursue their own lines of investigation and self-directed study, where appropriate.

The Drama Department is committed to promoting the development of strong character, individual responsibility, and continuing commitment to personal growth beyond student’s school experience. The study of drama not only enriches the knowledge and understanding of the individual student but also develops their emotional intelligence, producing well-rounded individuals ready for their next step in life.

Our Teachers

  • N Holness – Head of Year and Teacher of Drama

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

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