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Nurturing enquiring minds is at the heart of life and learning at City Academy.


“At City Academy, our primary, uncompromising objective is to provide our students with an opportunity to attain the highest level of educational excellence. We expect students and staff to invest time, effort and hard work in our collective pursuit of educational excellence.

“As Headteacher at City Academy, it is our role to ensure that our all students learn in a safe, engaging, vibrant and purposeful environment.”

Mrs R Bakewell

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no doubt that you have many questions that you’d like to ask us as your child is about to start at City Academy and we have tried to anticipate as many of them as possible.  We know that our new cohort of September starters will also have many questions, so have a look through the FAQ sections we have prepared.  We hope you are able to find the answer to your question, however, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected].

You have one playtime in the morning and you normally go outside to play with your friends. At lunchtimes you can also play outside or there are lots of clubs you can attend.

There will usually up to 30 students in your class. You may not be with your friends as we try to encourage you to meet lots of new people.

The teachers are very kind and funny once you get to know them. They are only strict when they need to be, so don’t be naughty!

There are five lessons a day. Each lesson lasts one hour. They will basically be the same subjects that you have in Primary School, plus some new ones that you will have chance to try. When you get older you will choose the subjects you wish to study for GCSE.

We teach Spanish at City Academy.

Work is challenging but the teachers will always be happy to help you.

Yes, you may be given rewards, certificates, vouchers, Headteacher’s Awards and prizes. Also, at the end of each term there are presentation assemblies where excellent attendance and punctuality are celebrated.

Yes you will. Homework needs to be completed daily more information will be sent to you in September.

You get 2 short reports during Year 7 to see how you are getting on and one main report.

You will study various sports including Basketball, football, netball. There are also lots of school teams including athletics.

NO – uniform is important in our school. You must wear black sensible shoes, black trainers are NOT allowed around school but you can wear trainers for PE.

You will use the Multi sports area during PE and sports clubs enrichment and at lunch time.

Delicious! There are lots of healthy choices including sandwiches, baguettes and hot food. Dinners cost about £2.60 per day depends on individual choice. We also get free breakfast every morning cereal and bagels.

There are excellent clubs that take place before school, at lunchtimes, after school such as Sport Clubs, Drama Club, Computer Club, Netball Club, and more detail will be sent to you in September.

We are always looking for people to take part inter school games. There are regular competitions that you can take part in such as sports, poetry and drama, to name but a few.

You will do lots of activities and you will get to know other students and your teacher much better. You will also go on trips in different subjects. Visits regularly to the Birmingham library too!

There are also reward trips throughout the year for students who are always very well behaved and whole school end of year trips to look forward to.

We have specialist rooms for all of your subjects including Dance studio, Fitness Suite, specialist Art and DT rooms, Science Labs, Music Studios, Drama Room, ICT Suite.

We have 2 ICT suites with flat screens which can be used for all lessons and also for extra- curricular activities and to complete homework set.

Yes you can but you must follow the school guidelines. Everyone in school has their own password so they can get onto the Internet.

You will get a uniform/equipment list before you start. You must wear correct uniform daily and have the equipment ready for lessons.

City Academy has a clear mobile phone policy. You are NOT allowed devices out during lesson or break time, it must be switched off and in your bag until you leave the school site.

You can see a member of the Primary transition team. Who have been trained to support students in Year 7, or if it’s serious go to your Form Tutor or Head of Year. You can also anonymously disclose any issues you are facing via the SHARP system SHARP

Of course you will. It’s simple really, just ask other students questions like ‘What’s your name?’ or ‘What school did you go to?’ That will soon get you chatting!

They will be signs around the building to help you find your way around, but if you get lost just ask someone and they will be more than happy to help.

It is very unlikely you will get bullied but if you feel worried or scared, tell someone. All bullying is treated very seriously. There are lots of people who will support and help you.

If you are naughty you may get a detention. (after school). We use a app system call class charts when keep you and your parents up-to-date with both praise and sanctions. For very serious offences your parents will be asked to come up to school. We will exclude any students who persist in bad behaviour.

These are some of the things that you might get a detention for – not completing your homework (without a very good reason), being rude/naughty, being late to school, not having your equipment.

In conjunction with our partners at PiXL and Birmingham City Council, please find below links to help support your child with the transition between primary and secondary school.