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The Geography department at City Academy aims for students to be able to successfully navigate the world they live in with and cultivate an appreciation of the places and the environment around them, why they are important to us and how they are changing and how they might develop in the future. We want students to see the world beyond Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Lessons in Geography at City Academy will feature high quality instruction, spaced retrieval practice and regular extending writing that is supported by pedagogical mechanisms to ensure students reach mastery of content. Students will learn the key concepts of geography, including both physical and human aspects. They will study various geographical concepts and theories, such as Rostow’s Five Stages of Development and Milankovitch’s theory behind climate change and apply their contextual knowledge to specific case studies around the world. Students will skilfully embed key subject knowledge into their verbal and written responses and analyse subject specific information, students will then regularly apply their knowledge to extended written responses.

In the Geography Department, we want our students to leave school knowing that our planet is a fragile place that needs carefully looking after. Students will have a thorough understanding of the global impacts of climate change and be capable of actively helping to mitigate these impacts by encouraging recycling and being aware of the imminent implications of humanity’s impact on the environment. We want our students to have a strong knowledge base allowing them to form opinions, engage in discourse, question, critique, and implement change in society.

Our Teachers

  • B Boyle – Head of Geography

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

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