The Religious Education Department at City Academy aims to encourage and cultivate an appreciation for the complexities of the human existence through studying the intricacies of different religious texts, practices and leaders to understand the significant impact religion has had on the world around them. Society is a rich tapestry of different beliefs and ideas and the threads in this tapestry of humanity represent different cultures, faiths and periods of history. It is vital that all students at City Academy clearly understand these different faiths so that we might see the beauty and diversity of the world around them.  

Lessons in Religious Education at City Academy will feature high quality instruction, spaced retrieval practice and regular extending writing that is supported by pedagogical mechanisms to ensure students reach mastery of content. Students will skilfully embed key subject knowledge into their verbal and written responses and analyse subject specific information, students will then regularly apply their knowledge to extended written responses. 

The Religious Education Department wants students to leave school with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively engage in public discourse. We seek to ultimately cultivate kind, respectful and informed citizens; individuals who possess a background knowledge of, but not limited to, global affairs, significant historical events in the creation and cultivation of religious thinking and relevant religious and ethical issues. We want our students to have a strong knowledge base in these areas allowing them to form opinions, engage in discourse, question, critique and implement change in society to make the world a better place to be. 


  • K Mwaura – Head of Humanities Department
  • J Wright – Head of Year