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CORE Hello is available to any student of the Trust who needs specialist support in speaking, reading or writing in English. The programme offers high quality, intensive support in language acquisition to help students access the curriculum and thrive when they return to their ‘home’ schools. Led by qualified teachers of English as a Foreign Language, the 12-week programme supports up to 20 children who are struggling with language. Informed by best practice and research, students follow a bespoke learning plan, depending on their level and experience of English.

Students are also given introductions to everyday life. They are shown how to catch a bus, taken to the nearby Library of Birmingham and participate in enrichment and opportunity days.

One important exercise all students complete is their journey – a pictorial map of their story. This draws the student out and also helps staff to identify any issues which need to be addressed or require specialist support.

Last year, 56 students joined CORE Hello, from 24 different countries. They spoke 22 different languages. All now speak English!


CORE schools are optimistic, ambitious and act with oneness and the CORE Hello programme completely epitomises the values of the trust: collaboration, opportunity, respect and excellence. As a trust, we cherish the richness of difference and are committed to ensuring that all children can thrive in our schools and local communities.

“I feel really good attending CORE Hello because I want to learn well, go to college, university. I want to be a doctor in the future.” – A CORE Hello student.