The Echo Eternal project is based on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda against the Tutsi (and moderate Hutu) population. Students from both City and Arena Academy learnt about the events that led to the genocide and the brutal consequences. Eric.E.Murangwa (MBE) survived the events of the genocide because of a few significant reasons. These reasons he highlighted in a testimony.

Students read, analysed and used his testimony as inspiration to create an artistic response with the help of Mark and Emily from Highly Strung, a performing arts company. With the use of music, very few words, and creative movements, the students of City and Arena Academy produced a tribute to Eric’s testimony in which they shared his journey of survival. One of the key messages the students portrayed through their performance was the importance of forgiveness and unity. The sharing highlighted how forgiveness and unity enabled Eric to survive the genocide, how key individuals put aside their own agenda to help Eric stay alive.

Here’s what one student had to say about the project:

Back In November 2019, City Academy & Arena Academy collaborated together to create an interpretive drama piece with the help of 2 professionals from ‘Highly Sprung’, based on the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. This project had the aim to bring a survivor’s testimony alive. Our survivor was called Eric Eugene Murangwa and this project was a tribute to him.
Participating in this project allowed me to convey a message that has stayed with me even months after the sharing; “You can’t defeat evil with evil. You can only defeat evil with good”. During the genocide – even after it, Eric never fought back against those who committed the evil atrocities. To this day, he spreads the message of peace and forgiveness. Through this project, I have learnt a lot about how difference can divide. I think it is now important to spread the message on how differences can unite.

Amira, Y10

We at City Academy are so proud to announce that Orlando in Year 10 has been competing in the Notts Gymnastic Open, where clubs from all over the country competed in the weekend event. Not only did Orlando take home the all-round Gold, but additionally won Gold on High Bar, Pommel Horse and Rings, but also Silver on Parallel Bars, Vault and Bronze on Floor.

Orlando started Gymnastics at the age of 6 and has been competing in regional and national competitions since the age of 8. He currently trains three nights a week at the Gymnastics and Martial Arts Centre in Perry Barr, where he is trained by his coach Luke Folwell.

The next competition saw Orlando compete in the National Finals at the GMAC in Perry Barr on 1st – 3rd November where Orlando managed to achieve a Bronze performance on Vault scoring an impressive 9.3.

This is a fantastic example of our CORE values of Opportunity and Excellence through his achievements. Congratulations Orlando, we are very proud of all your hard work and achievements #COREpride.

Alongside our annual Scholastic Bookfair, we also ran the ever-popular “Design a Bookmark” competition for our current Year 7 students. We poured over the fantastic designs that were entered, and are delighted to announce the winners – Alex and Olivia – who will both receive a voucher to enjoy spending at the Bookfair.

As part of our Year 7 Settling In Evening, parents and students had the opportunity to browse through the books and stationery available at our Scholastic Book Fair, and talk to our Librarian about their child’s reading. We are delighted to report that we doubled our current sales during the evening and would like to thank our Year 7 students and their parents for supporting City Academy so positively. All book sales go towards commission to buy books for our fantastic school library!

City Academy performing arts students have been provided with a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the Shakespeare schools festival, which will take place at The Old REP theatre in November.

On Monday 23rd September our students took part in an acting workshop led by professional actors involved in the project. They participated in both physical, vocal and improvisation workshops alongside exploring the opening scene of their chosen play ‘Othello.’

They are going to be amazing and we hope that you will come and support the students when they perform on Monday 4th November at The Old REP. Tickets can be purchased here via the theatre website and will be on sale very soon!

We are proud of our ever-developing partnership with the All Saints Academy Trust, working closely with St Thomas CE Academy and St John & St Peter’s CE Academy.

This week has been a busy one for the staff and students of the three schools with partnership planning meetings, science workshops, and parent welcome meetings.

Miss Slater and Mr Lassetter, Executive Head of All Saints Academy Trust, believe the partnership is crucial in improving the transition from primary to secondary, enabling our students to settle quickly. Last year City Academy provided sports leaders for events and ran PE lessons for primary pupils but this year, a much more extensive programme is planned.

Both headteachers believe in the power of sharing resources. City Academy staff will lead specialist science, art, dance and PE lessons throughout the year, whilst All Saints Academy Trust staff will be supporting our developments of a thematic key stage 3 curriculum based on a successful model in their own schools. City Academy has also made specialist classrooms available for use by the primary schools.

The appointment of Miss Holness as our Primary Partnerships Leader has been vital in developing this work. Having supported St Thomas Academy with their end of year show, Miss Holness is known by many of the students for her infectious enthusiasm and for believing every student has the potential to shine both academically and through enrichment activities.

We continue to strive for a cohesive local community alongside ensuring our students have the best opportunities during their primary and secondary school careers.

Year 11 Geographers had a great day of physical fieldwork at Dovedale in the Peak District. With the weather not being too bad the students were tasked with studying the effects of river depth and velocity on the size and shape of bed loads in the area. Students had to gather their own data and analyse their results which were fantastic. A massive well done to all students who took advantage of this opportunity to develop their fieldwork skills!


What a night of inspiration!

Big congratulations to our Poetry Slam Winners 2019: 1st Place Alicia Fernandes 2nd Place Mary Eyide 3rd Place Natasha Kaninda. Inspiring poems based on the theme On My Mind.

A big thank you to @WanderSheeraz and @brienachordz for coming into our school and judging our Poetry Slam competition.

A massive thank you to @radiogagan and @BBCAsianNetwork for providing a platform to speak about our Poetry Slam 2019 on the Midlands Masala program, It was a pleasure!



Year 8 wowed the guest judges consisting of a doctor, scientist, governor and local primary school students with their impressive science projects. How much sugar does your favourite drink contain? Can music really change your mood? These were just a selection of the impressive questions answered this year. I can’t wait to see the questions next year’s students will ask. Science fayre 2020 we’re ready!

As part of a project run by the BBC, BBC Young Reporter works in partnership with schools, colleges, youth organisations and charities to provide young people with the skills they need to create and understand the media. Schools and organisations taking part will benefit from access to exclusive events, training and resources, as well as mentoring and career talks from BBC staff and journalists. The project is backed by the likes of Huw Edwards, Tina Daheley, Steph McGovern, The One Show’s Alex Jones, BBC Newsbeat’s Roisin Hastie and Ben Mundy and Newsround’s Ricky Boleto.

A Midlands Today reporter and a cameraman visited our Academy and students were tasked with finding new and untold stories from our school and its community with the very best being shared on the programme, social media or online. Our very own Young Reporters Adam, Ahmed, Amarah, Ayicia, Harry, Kárey, Katelyn, Lama, Madalin, Richard, Saba, Saifullah, Soze and Tyreke all met with the reporter to discuss what story would be best to report on and have an impact towards students.

Below is the fantastic report which was filmed and edited by the BBC and presented by the students all by themselves!

Our lucky students at City Academy were invited to spend the morning at the BBC Studio in The Mailbox. During their visit, they had the opportunity to experience a range of different sessions including:

  • Behind The Scenes of Midlands Today: A Guided Tour
  • Fake News And How You Can Spot it
  • Weather Watchers: Facts about forecasting with on-screen talent
  • How To Get In: Careers session hosted by MT apprentices

Below are a couple of detailed statements from the Young Reporters who took part.

“During our visit, we learned so many things like fake news, how to spot it and how to write a report. We figured out that even the small details were important in writing a report and identifying untrustworthy sources. While we were on our tour of the studios, we went behind the scenes and saw what was broadcasting live on TV Whilst we were looking around we found the makeup room, to our surprise, we learnt that the presenters have to do their own makeup!” – K’arey Yr 7

“We went through the gallery and asked a specialist technician, who deals with graphics, various questions about working in the industry. On the last part of the tour, we went through the main studios where BBC Midlands Today news was being recorded; we even got to sit on the seats you see on TV and pretend we were reporters. We took plenty of photos during our visit Overall, we had a great experience, lots of fun and can’t wait for a reporter to come to school and interview us!” – Adam Yr 7