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Yrs 7 and 8 to attend school. Yrs 9, 10 and 11 not to attend site but attend lessons on Teams for the rest of the week.

Please read our Latest letter sent out by clicking here.

By following these rules, we will limit the spread of Coronavirus.

This will keep us, the school community and families safe.

Stay safe, practise social distancing and wash your hands regularly.

Together we collaborate, increase opportunity, promote respect and achieve excellence.

Our school is a mainstream, non-selective comprehensive school centred on our core values of collaboration, opportunity, respect, and excellence and built on our ‘student first’ ethos.

At City Academy, our primary, uncompromising objective is to provide our students with an opportunity to attain the highest level of educational excellence. Our mantra for continuous improvement is ‘High expectations, high challenge, and high support’. We expect students and staff to invest time, effort and hard work in our collective pursuit of educational excellence.

We have amazing students at City Academy. Our students are respectful, inquisitive, engaging and are very proud to be City Academy students. Equally impressive are our staff who work tirelessly to help each student achieve their best every day. We are honoured to have such wonderful colleagues and grateful for the life chances they are giving our young people.
Miss Slater, Headteacher    Mr Bailey, Headteacher


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