Student Voice

As Headteacher of City Academy Birmingham, I greatly value the opinions of all stakeholders. I met with the student leadership team this week to discuss our school and they raised many important points with suggestions as to how we can continue to improve as a school. Students feel the school is particularly good at:

  • Teachers and students have positive relationships which help students achieve their potential.
  • There are an ever increasing number of opportunities for student to take part in activities outside of the classroom.
  • They feel safe in school because of the clear systems we have around split lunches and line up.

The key priorities we discussed in terms of improvement over the final week of term were around:

  • Increasing access to student toilets.
  • Ensuring students have access to the library at lunch time.

It was a pleasure to meet with such a highly engaged and mature group of students from across the year groups and I will continue to do so regularly through next year.

Karen Slater – Headteacher


The Student Leadership Team is an innovating team that work alongside teachers to advocate and discuss new policies and systems to improve school life. It benefits the whole school as SLT students articulate and present their ideas and problems in a professional manner to the Senior Leadership Team. It allows students to be leaders and gives them the chance to be role models within the school. Teachers also present their own ideas and problems and in our formal meeting we conclude with solutions to resolve them. Overall Student SLT is effective because without it actions may not be made for the problems that students have. We meet and collaborate to create opportunities for students to voice our opinions, in our meetings we show respect to one another and finally we achieve excellence in the changes around the school.

Lyrik – Year Leader


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