Plastic Exchange

Citizenship students at City Academy Birmingham last week proved their drive to be responsible and ethical global citizens by running their own Plastic Exchange! It was all to encourage recycling and reduce waste here at the Academy.

After researching plastic waste in Citizenship, the students took to developing their own form of direct action. Initially, they wrote to Secretary of State for Environment to establish what was being done nationally and locally to challenge plastic waste – Mr Gove wrote back to explain what the UK was currently doing to tackle this issue but students decided it wasn’t enough!

Next step: students signed up to online pressure group campaigns and e-petitions focusing on the issue. They still weren’t satisfied though and decided that we needed to take more action inside of our own school community to tackle plastic waste.

The idea of the Plastic Exchange was developed collaboratively with students working together on promoting the idea and campaigning. They campaigned in forms and put up posters, explaining to other students the very real impact that plastic waste is having on the environment.

The response from the rest of the school was fantastic with the Plastic Exchange garnering plenty of attention! It was open all week, with students exchanging recyclable plastics for merits. It was so successful that the Citizenship students are establishing whether they will be able to do this on a permanent basis. The school is also looking into whether it can introduce plastic recycling bins on a permanent basis too – what an impact!

Rishard, who was one of the students running the Exchange, says “It was really important to get the younger years thinking about the planet and what they can do to help keep us and the environment safe and healthy.”

Well done Rishard, Morgan and Fariea!!


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