Performing Arts Extravaganza

What a fantastic night! Our students at City Academy had the opportunity to collaborate and showcase the very best talent they had to offer which they certainly did deliver! Throughout the night each performance was greeted with the same level of respect and silence before performing. Each act was beautiful, clever and inspiring, not just for the students but for the audience watching, a clear vision of excellence within our school.
Here’s what one of our CORE Governors had to say about the night:
You could feel the nervousness permeating through all the corridors as we came into the school building. Students nervous for their friends, parents nervous for their children, staff nervous for their students, and individual performers nervous for their fellow performers and for themselves. And what a wonderful buzz that creates, where you can feel the energy and the excitement.
I took my seat at the front, on the first row and suddenly I felt nervous for the students…and so it was contagious. As a sat down I spoke to the person next to me whom I assumed to be a parent, but he wasn’t, he was a visitor from the local church, who had come to show his support for the young people in the community, some of whom he knew and had worked with. It was going to be a great evening because there was not only that buzz, but there was a sense of connectedness, a sense of community.
We settled into the evening, and it opened with the head boy and girl introducing it. The first performance set the tone for what was to come. And what followed, each and everyone had confidence, creativity and courage coming through. The singing, the music, the dance, the drama and the DJ’ing were all such a pleasure to watch. What also came through was the sense of camaraderie amongst the performers and their support for each other. The cheers after each artist showed that the audience were all rooting for them and this sense of community resonated through the space once more.
What was the most poignant during the evening was this overwhelming feeling of how the Arts bring people together to express themselves and share in the joys and the journeys, with a rich mixture of culture.
Thank you to all the staff, parents, performers and audience members who make events like this possible. A big well done to the staff for going the extra mile in ensuring that young people get opportunities like this and a chance to show their talents.

Seema Sethi – CORE Governor


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