PENTA Hotel Art Visit

Students in Years 9 & 10 have had their artwork displayed on exhibition at PENTA Hotel Birmingham. During a trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in the Autumn Term last year, students were asked to take their own photos inspired by the lifestyle and culture of Birmingham’s city centre. The professionalism and skill displayed by the students caught the attention of the PENTA Hotel, who enquired about displaying some of the students’ photography at the hotel.

I always knew we had talented students at City Academy Birmingham, after seeing the student’s photographs I was blown away by the professional quality of their photography. All students were engaged in taking part in the competition and worked hard experimenting with different camera angles. It was fascinating to get a glimpse of how young people see the city. I am incredibly proud of the work the students produced and look forward to seeing what they produce in the future.” – Mr Herron Teacher of Art

Students proudly launched their exhibition on the 13th March 2019, alongside their Headteacher, Miss Slater, and Teacher of Art Mr Herron. They discussed the spaces that inspired their photography and the skill that goes into capturing the perfect moment.


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