Standards and Expectations

Our Academy

Where open collaboration is encouraged and communication is a key ingredient. Everyone who walks through our door is provided with opportunities to flourish both socially and academically. Under our ‘Respect Agenda’ umbrella, students, staff and our wider community are encouraged to build relationships to provide a safe, secure and vibrant atmosphere. In our Academy, we strive for excellence so that we can all confidently say, “I am the best version of the person I want to be.”

City Academy Objectives

  • Being punctual and attending school every day
  • Ensuring high quality and engaging teaching and learning
  • Achieving excellent exam results
  • Instilling positive discipline within the school by accepting and working with a clear system of rewards and sanctions, and by showing mutual respect and promoting the school ethos
  • Offering a curriculum which is rich in choice, experiences and opportunity through which students of all abilities can achieve and make progress
  • Undertaking regular assessment and being able to plan their own progress through target setting
  • Becoming a community member and an active citizen. Building the ‘whole child’.

Mobile Phones at City Academy

Mobile phones may be brought into school, but must switched off and in your bag during lesson times.

There are restrictions at the usage of mobiles phones during social times, as we encourage students to communicate with one another and develop their social skills.

Mobile phones are brought in at your own risk; we do not investigate missing or lost phones.

Mobile phones will be taken off students if they are used inappropriately – a sanction will be issued, the mobile phone will be confiscated and parents will be called to collect it.

Headphones should not be used whilst in the school building.