Mosaic Mentoring Programme

Back in December 2017, a group of strangers met to discuss a mentoring programme that would possibly take place at City Academy Birmingham.  There was a real mix of people from within the school and the wider community: senior teachers, middle leaders, a doctor and a business analyst to mention a few.

We set dates, organised further meetings and most of us had our first encounter with the concept of Mosaic Mentoring programme.  We were all ready to go!  The programme has three main themes: confidence, self-efficacy and employability and six personal development areas: communication, team work, setting and achieving goals, self-confidence and reliability.

Six sessions, a guest speaker and a world of work visit were all in the pipeline.  All that was missing now were the pupils.

A mix of 25 pupils (mentees) from year 8 and 9 cohorts were selected to take part; by the first session doubting questions began to arise; were the most appropriate pupils  selected?  Would this group of pupils benefit from this programme?

The answer is yes!

The celebration evening was a wonderful display of fruitful effort.  The pupils gave heart felt, confident speeches and video testimonies evidencing the wealth of experience they have all gained.

All mentees showed an improvement in communication skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.  Parents, senior teachers, middle leaders and the CORE executive team witnessed an amazing demonstration of personal growth from all pupils that took part.

Our five consistent mentors went above and beyond for their mentees.  They spoke openly about how much volunteering means to them and how happy and proud they were of their mentees and the impact the programme has had on everyone them.

The evening was an excellent opportunity for the pupils to appreciate and be proud what they have achieved and for our parents and wider community to celebrate the success of our pupils.

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