Democracy in action!

Students at City Academy Birmingham have been going to the polls over the last week to pick their Head Students, House Captains and Prefects. We now have a thriving leadership team in place, ready to lead their peers on the road to excellence.

The selection process was gruelling for those going for the top positions, as they had to submit applications, followed by a speech to the full staff and student body. Every single applicant performed incredibly well and proved to be the absolute embodiment of our CORE values.

Next came the anonymous speeches for our House Captains. We were blown away by the passion shown by these applicants and the dedication they showed to their individual CORE value.

The first task for our Head Student team was to pick their Prefects from a wealth of applications. Although they found this tough, they proved that they can make critical decisions and picked an excellent team of prefects. Each of the students chosen has consistently proven their high standards and excellence throughout their five years at school.

Our Head Students this week told their Head of Year they intend to “make City Academy Birmingham the best school in the world!” We can’t wait to see these trailblazers as they collaborate with one another in a tight-knit team, seize opportunity for themselves and their peers, promote mutual respect and tolerance for all in our school community and lead the school to excellence this academic year!

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