Walking in the footsteps of royalty.

Fifty of us at City Academy Birmingham this week visited Kenilworth Castle, one of the favoured retreats of Queen Elizabeth I! The trip was taken by Year 10 historians as part of their GCSE course, looking at important historical sites and how they have developed and changed through time.

Kenilworth Castle has a rich cultural history and so was the perfect place for students to delve into the past and find out more about the people and pastimes associated with the castle over the last 900 years. Students were able to enter the 30 metre high stone keep and understand exactly what it took to keep King Henry III at bay during his great Siege of Kenilworth in 1266. They also followed the great love story of Robert Dudley and Queen Elizabeth I, touring the private apartments and gardens he had built for her in the 1500s.

The visit will prove absolutely invaluable to our Year 10s as they move into Year 11 and face their history GCSE next year. They will be expected to use their knowledge of the site and remaining features and explain exactly what it can tell us about key time periods in the castle’s history. They have already learnt about the development of castles and will now be able to place Kenilworth and its features within the wider context of societal change and castle use through time.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and commented on how beautiful the site was. We hope it will foster in them a further passion for history and curiosity about the world around them.

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