Modern Foreign Languages Department

Welcome to the MLF Department

Within Modern Foreign Languages students articulate their thoughts and respect other cultures, and are able to do so through teaching methods supported by a plethora of research.

By teaching vocabulary explicitly and through themes and having a constant focus on knowledge retrieval of this vocabulary, students are equipped to communicate in each of the required disciplines (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing). A consistent basis of Spanish/French grammar underpins all that is taught, thus improving students’ literacy in English. Students are educated to be reflective learners, through teaching them rigour and resilience in the form of regular feedback, both verbal and written.

We want our students to leave school with a broad understanding of the world, which they will gain through studying themes in Hispanic/Francophone contexts; and a set of strong life-long linguistic skills that are reinforced through grammatical knowledge.

Key Stage 3Key Stage 4 – AQA GCSE Spanish/French
Talking About AgeMe, My Family and Friends
Saying When My Birthday IsTechnology In Everyday Life
Describing Hair and EyesFree Time
Saying Where I Live and Am FromCustoms and Traditions
Talking About My Family and MembersHome, Town, Neighbourhood and Region
Counting to 100Social Issues
Describing Myself and Another Family MemberGobal Issues
Describing My Family and Saying Why I Like/Dislike ThemTravel and Tourism
Talking About Pets and Asking Key QuestionsMy Studies: Life At School and College
JobsEducation Post 16, Jobs, Career Choices and Ambitions
Comparing People’s Appearance and Personality
Saying What’s In My School Bag/Classroom
Talking About Food
Clothes and Accessories
Free Time
My Daily Routine
Describing My House
What I Do At Home
Future Plans For Holidays