Literacy 4 Life Department

Welcome to the L4L Department

Students in L4L have 10 hours with the same teacher in Year 7, 8 hours in Year 8. Instantly, students and families have a single point of contact within the Academy who has a focus on the academic and pastoral wellbeing of the students in their class. This allows the same level of intense focus and intervention on students in KS3 as KS4. Students are taught in a Year 7 and Year 8 base which again eases the transition process. Within L4L students cover a varied curriculum mainly comprising of History, Geography and RE, which are all taught thematically. The themes in which students cover include:

Year 7Year 8
Citizen MeMyths & Legends
PlanetsJourney to the centre of the Earth
JourneysOff with your head
Fairy Tales & PantoGrand Designs
Silent MoviesPudding Lane
iRobotComing & Going
In Days of OldPlease Sir
Black GoldDa Vinci
 60s & 70s

As well as this L4L offers students a chance to enrich their learning further by taking part in many opportunities outside of the classroom including teamwork and resilience-building residentials, visits to local places of culture and educational trips.
It is our aim that when students move on from L4L they will have the knowledge skills and cultural capital in order to not only be successful students but to also realise their potential for the future.