English Department

“Maximising the potential of young people through the effective and creative teaching of English Literature and Language.”

The English Department at City Academy consists of a dedicated team of English teachers who aim to inspire students through a dynamic, varied and interesting curriculum. English as a subject provides an array of opportunities for students to express themselves articulately, and nurture an appreciation for our rich literary heritage.  Not only do we teach students to appreciate books and literature but there is a heavy focus on equipping them with skills that allow them to express themselves through reading, writing, speaking and listening. We endeavour to deliver lessons that both engage and inspire students’ love of language.


Mr D Yeates – Head of Faculty, English and Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Peters-Clarke – 2nd in Department, English

Miss N Begum – English Teacher

Miss S Birch – English Teacher

Miss E Cottle – English Teacher

Miss R Kennedy – English Teacher

Mr S Parkes – English Teacher and Head of Year

Miss N Proudman – English Teacher

Ms Stewart – English Teacher


Over the next 12 months, we are reviewing and updating our KS3 curriculum which will launch in September 2020. For more information please click here.


At KS4 we offer the following courses: