End of Term Charity Event

On the last day of term, we as a school decided to host a Charity Event in order to raise money for the important Birmingham Children’s Hospital and our very own school Prom. Luckily it was a lovely sunny day where both staff and students enjoyed playing dodgeball, playing mini-games and eating Ice Cream bought from the Ice cream van! Students and even some staff took part in throwing wet sponges at other staff members and one unlucky student but towards the end of the day, everyone was gathered for the head shaving of Mr Hetherington courtesy of Aland who had to raise £100 for it to happen.

“At City Academy, we managed to raise over £500 towards Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the school Prom! It was definitely worth all of the wet sponges that were thrown at myself and other teachers, and I’m pleased to say that Mr Hetherington’s hair is slowly growing back after his head shave! We thank students for their generosity and engagement with the charity activities; more are currently being planned for later this term.” – Miss Slater Headteacher

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