BBC Visit

Our lucky students at City Academy were invited to spend the morning at the BBC Studio in The Mailbox. During their visit, they had the opportunity to experience a range of different sessions including:

  • Behind The Scenes of Midlands Today: A Guided Tour
  • Fake News And How You Can Spot it
  • Weather Watchers: Facts about forecasting with on-screen talent
  • How To Get In: Careers session hosted by MT apprentices

Below are a couple of detailed statements from the Young Reporters who took part.

“During our visit, we learned so many things like fake news, how to spot it and how to write a report. We figured out that even the small details were important in writing a report and identifying untrustworthy sources. While we were on our tour of the studios, we went behind the scenes and saw what was broadcasting live on TV Whilst we were looking around we found the makeup room, to our surprise, we learnt that the presenters have to do their own makeup!” – K’arey Yr 7

“We went through the gallery and asked a specialist technician, who deals with graphics, various questions about working in the industry. On the last part of the tour, we went through the main studios where BBC Midlands Today news was being recorded; we even got to sit on the seats you see on TV and pretend we were reporters. We took plenty of photos during our visit Overall, we had a great experience, lots of fun and can’t wait for a reporter to come to school and interview us!” – Adam Yr 7

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