Additional Activities

Alongside your lessons online lessons, there are several external websites that can help to extend and enrich student learning. Please see below for available resources.

Echo Eternal Horizons Festival

7th January – 27th January 2021

Be the light in the darkness

Throughout January, Echo Eternal present Horizons 21, a festival that partners schools and community groups with survivors of the Holocaust, who share their personal testimonies to engage pupils and communities directly with living history. Using live performance, exhibition and film, the participants then create ‘echoes’ – creative pieces that pay tribute to these survivor testimonies.

Tune in and see some of the work that City Academy have produced on the festival website:

Cooking with your family from Mellors

The pack provides a range of healthy recipes for the whole family to cook and eat together, including ideas for hosting your own theme day and staying active.
Engaging children in learning at home can be a challenge but cooking can be a great way to incorporate all sorts of learning and development of new skills with the added bonus that the family also get a nice tasty meal at the end.

Find your family cook book here:

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